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Feb 15, 2020


Steptember 2019 | Beneco

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Steptember 2019 | Beneco

The team at Beneco will be participating in Steptember yet again, in support of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance! This event challenges Australians to improve their health and wellbeing, along with raising important funds to support people living with cerebral palsy. In 2018 we amassed a total of 3,317,339 steps and raised a total of $3,281.50. Our aim is to smash this total in 2019!


Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects movement and posture. Every 15 hours, an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy and is the most common physical disability in childhood.


* Every 15 hours, an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy.

* It is the most common physical disability in childhood.

* Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term for a group of disorders. It is a condition that is permanent, but not unchanging.

* Cerebral palsy is a life-long physical disability due to damage of the developing brain.

* In most cases, brain injury leading to cerebral palsy occurs during pregnancy.

* Cerebral palsy, except in its mildest forms, can be evident in the first 12-18 months.

* Motor disability can range from minimal to profound, depending on the individual.

* It can range from weakness in one hand, to an almost complete lack of voluntary movement. People with significant physical disability may require 24 hour a day care.

* People with cerebral palsy are likely to also have other impairments in addition to their motor disability.

* Spastic hemiplegia, where one half of the body has difficulty with voluntary movement, is the most common presentation of cerebral palsy. Approximately 40% of people with cerebral palsy have hemiplegia.

* There is no known cure.


Steptember requires you to take 10,000 steps a day whenever, wherever and however you like. Sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues, help raise funds to help pay for equipment, therapy, and research for treatments for cerebral palsy.


Walking, running, cycling, swimming or up to 40 different activities you can convert to steps including activities for people with a disability.


How can you help?

The team at Beneco would be very grateful for your support again this year, in helping us help those in need. Please click the link below to donate:

Make a donation to Beneco


More information:

Beneco specialises in return to work services for employers, employees and insurance agencies. Beneco uses innovative thinking to individualise back-to-work strategies that are sustainable across a variety of different environments.

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