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Feb 15, 2020


One-third of employees in Australia live with mental illness

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One-third of employees in Australia live with mental illness

A recent survey found that 1/3 of Australia’s employees live with depression, anxiety and stress. Although the figures are staggering, there is a slight improvement from 2007’s results.


The effect of mental illness on an organisation is quite telling. Another report found that stressed workers are more likely to search for a new role. Retention rates decrease and productivity is effected, and at times, psychological injuries can occur.


In creating a mentally healthy workplace, employees are more engaged. There are many key actions in which a company can focus on. These are around promotion, protection and support.


Gaining support from leadership to drive policies around mental health and practices can influence culture and experiences.


It’s also important to improve the understanding of mental health and address certain these risks.


Promotion of positive mental health, well-being and supporting people who have mental health conditions are more key actions to help
Another vital factor is to create a safe physical working environment. This encourages healthy behaviours and employees work together to support and promote good health.


Workplace health and well-being is an important part of Beneco’s beliefs. Ensuring people engage in the right treatment and developing a safe work environment will help steady your business in the right direction.


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One third of Australian employees live with mental illness

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