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Jul 25, 2021


National Pain Week 2021


This week is National Pain Week and the theme for 2021 is “Connection”. With everything going on in the world, it is never more important to remind family, friends, and colleagues that connection is crucial to help with social isolation that pain, injuries or illness can create. At Beneco, we wish to encourage people and empower them to seek support and the right care in supporting their recovery. An early return to work on suitable duties goes a long way to helping reduce the impact of chronic pain and assists with their rehabilitation.


Pain is an experience caused by activation of the nervous system. Typically caused by an injury or illness. Most of us experience some form of pain. Chronic or persistent pain is pain that can last for more than 3-months. Although chronic pain can be a symptom of a known illness or injury, sometimes the nature of the pain is not indication ongoing damage or disease. This can occur or be influenced by numerous factors in a persons’ life at that particular time.


There are numerous methods of treatment that are available to help with pain. Different people will respond to these in various ways. “Chronic Pain Australia” as more information on these methods. It is always important to speak with a health or medical professional. Beneco and “Chronic Pain Australia” believe in a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Work with health professional, doctors or allied health, mental health professionals in an open way to produce the best care for people living with chronic pain.


Staying connected with people is also an important factor in recover. Many people indicate that friendship and support – both personally and at work – help give them hope for future and improved wellbeing.

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