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Feb 15, 2020


Most people living with chronic pain are not receiving effective treatment


Most people living with chronic pain are not receiving effective treatment

Up to 80% of Australians with chronic pain are not in receipt of effective treatment to improve health and quality of life. Left poorly managed, this can have a negative impact on relationships, social life and productivity.


Multidisciplinary treatment is key in the management of chronic pain. At Beneco, we work at addressing psychological, environmental and social factors associated with pain – and this is supported by growing evidence.


Another vital part of the team is a supportive employer. The role played by the workplace in providing appropriate care and engaging rehabilitation early will go a long way to helping an injured person.


Treatment must be individualised to meet a person’s unique needs and help overcome and manage their chronic pain. The team at Beneco can help provide guidance and support for all in setting up and accessing appropriate interventions for chronic pain. Education, support and guidance can help create an active self-management strategy to assist people achieving their best outcome.


Click here: The work of pain management

Beneco specialises in return to work services for employers, employees and insurance agencies. Beneco uses innovative thinking to individualise back-to-work strategies that are sustainable across a variety of different environments.

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