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Feb 15, 2020


icare CASE Awards 2019


icare CASE Awards 2019

We are extremely proud to announce that the team at Beneco have been nominated for an award at the annual icare Care and Service Excellence (CASE) Awards in the category of “Customer Excellence”. The event will be held on 07 November 2019.


icare’s CASE Awards celebrate those organisations and individuals making outstanding, positive contributions to the delivery of insurance and care services for the people, businesses and communities of NSW.


By bringing together our sector’s highest performers and acknowledging their achievements, the CASE Awards aim to:

* Recognise and celebrate the highest standards of commitment to providing better outcomes for customers

* Encourage and support continuous improvement in the NSW insurance and care sector

* Encourage innovation and process improvements in the delivery of insurance and care services in NSW

* Acknowledge the initiative and effort of industry professionals who have achieved beyond expectation.

* Promote the NSW insurance and care sector as an industry of choice

This is Beneco’s second nomination in 3 years, and the only rehabilitation provider to be nominated twice in the category for “Customer Excellence”. We would like that thank all our business partners for their loyalty and support as well as our team for their hard work and dedication. We are looking forward to celebrating with our team on the night. All the very best to all the nominees in each category!


icare CASE Awards

Beneco specialises in return to work services for employers, employees and insurance agencies. Beneco uses innovative thinking to individualise back-to-work strategies that are sustainable across a variety of different environments.

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