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Feb 15, 2020


Beneco, a finalist for "Customer Excellence" - icare CASE Awards


Beneco, a finalist for “Customer Excellence” – icare CASE Awards

Last night we were proud to be a finalist in the category of “Customer Excellence” at the icare NSW Care and Service Excellence Awards.


Beneco started with an ideology to change the landscape and expectation of rehabilitation. A belief in collaboration for good, for the benefit of all. Where each intervention is different and the cookie cutter was made redundant.


Good people find the best answers and to achieve this we needed a dream team. So we searched and formed the tight unity of the Beneco Family.


Approved Rehabilitation Providers work in one of the toughest domains. Expectations are of the highest standard in a very dynamic and changing environment. We work tirelessly in providing care and support in making this scheme sustainable and world class.


Thanks to our referring partners who have supported and provided us with the opportunity for continuous improvement.


Thanks to our amazing team who always challenge the status quo by ensuring stakeholder education, satisfaction and engagement comes first. We will continue to strive and build on this to champion the rights for all to create long-lasting positive outcomes.


Thanks to icare NSW for acknowledging all stakeholders who support people’s recovery and rehabilitation to a healthier and productive life.

Beneco specialises in return to work services for employers, employees and insurance agencies. Beneco uses innovative thinking to individualise back-to-work strategies that are sustainable across a variety of different environments.

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