Is surgery doing more harm than good?

The big unknown is that many common orthopaedic surgeries are not better for reducing pain that non-surgical options. There are alternatives that are cheaper, and safer – such as exercise programs. A recent article looked at 3 of the most common orthopaedic surgeries that may be doing more harm than good and costing people more than just their money. ...
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Today is R U OK? DAY. Meaningful conversations need to happen and is something we can all do. If you notice someone who might be struggling, these simple steps can be followed. ...
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Don’t Fear Pain!

The power of education has shone through again. A recent study has shown that neuroscience education, combined with cognition-targeted motor control training is more effective in improving pain, disability, mental and physical functioning. ...
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Exercise Right Week: 21-27 May 2018

This year’s Exercise Right Week theme is ‘Motivation to Move‘.Exercise Right wish to inspire those who don’t exercise to move more and raise awareness of Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists and Sports Scientists. ...
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To operate or not to operate?

There may be benefit to both surgery and not proceeding surgery. The most important part is the rehabilitation and proper treatment recommendations prior to and following an operation ...
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One-third of employees in Australia live with mental illness

Workplace health and well-being is an important part of Beneco’s beliefs. Ensuring people engage in the right treatment and developing a safe work environment will help steady your business in the right direction. ...
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World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day

The team at Beneco supports World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day. Building safe working environments for workers and future generations ...
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Beneco specialises in return to work services for employers, employees and insurance agencies. Beneco uses innovative thinking to individualise back-to-work strategies that are sustainable across a variety of different environments.

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